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What is Copywriting and Why Is It Not Content Marketing?

So, what is the difference between them and why cannot they get along? It is right that SEO Copywriting has been around for a while, and content marketing is comparatively new. But, each contains elements of the other. And, both finally share the same objective.

SEO Copywriting and Content marketing help you to be found in the search engines. But the difference lies in the path that each one takes to achieve the objective. Content marketing is really the natural and inevitable result of years of SEO research and analysis, online consumer and search engine algorithms behavior, and how they work together to achieve the Holy Grail of Internet marketing selling.

SEO Copywriting vs. Content Marketing

Content marketing, unlike traditional SEO Copywriting, understands the reality of how people buy products and services online. Since the Internet became a major source of services and goods, online marketers began to realize that what people really want is information. Instead of being bombarded with sales launches that do not help them make their purchasing decisions, consumers would prefer to obtain information from the authorities on the subject that interests them.

This type of value-added information is like gold for the Internet consumer. It replaces a large amount of time and energy that used to be spent in comparison, going from store to store or researching by other means. Problem-solving and useful content allows people to rapidly get the information they want, compare and weigh their options, decide who provides the best value and make their purchases, all from the comfort of their offices or homes.

Make No Mistake

The SEO copywriting isn’t dead. Some of its elements are still found in content marketing and play a vital role so that both people and search engines can see its content. SEO copywriting is very important for content marketing because without relevant keywords with good density, the content cannot be indexed correctly by the search engines. If the content is not indexed correctly, people who search for it will not find it.

Which Is Better?

Obviously, there are several ways by which you can find content, and this is where Content Marketing really has the advantage over SEO copywriting. If you create content that is written mainly by humans, to provide them practical information, it also becomes valuable to them. Then they are more likely to spread it among family, friends, etc. These people will post it on their Twitter and Facebook accounts; share it on social bookmarking sites, etc.

Like this, good content marketing content has the potential to be distributed practically by itself. You may be able to publish a blog once, for instance, and without having to move another finger, see how that content is distributed on the Web by interested people who want to share it with others. Click here.


Content marketing builds credibility and relationships with consumers. SEO copywriting by itself tends to create isolated fragments of content that can or cannot produce results. Content marketing is a marketing strategy that encompasses many content vehicles and distribution methods. SEO copywriting by itself, outside the context of useful information, is a relic of the old Internet days of keyword stuffing and useless text.

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